What Can Black Magic Do For You!?

You can pick our full service plan or you can put together your own plan that will match your needs. Remember that you can take off, or add any services at any time. You can also cancel at any time with no charge to you.

Searching for and booking loads- We will use our load boards to book you a load you need while on the road. We strive to get you the most money on every load. It will be based on the rate per mile you requested. All load information will be sent to you based on the method you chose (I.E fax, email, text, pic, etc.)

Fill out carrier packets- We will do all carrier packets for you. They will be filled out with all of your company's information (MC, DOT, ADDRESS ETC) and they can be sent to you to sign, or we can sign on your behalf!

Dispatch- All load information including the rate confirmation will be sent over to you by email so you have a hard copy, along with a picture of the loading and unloading information so you have quick access to it. The confirmations can be sent to you to sign, or again, we can sign on your behalf!

Check Calls- We take care of all phone calls to brokers/customers. All information from brokers will be relayed back to you, and your status updates will be relayed back to the broker. We feel this ensures your safety, and provides you with more time to drive. Our regular check calls are made twice daily. Of course there are always circumstances that may arise, which will raise the amount of check calls. We welcome you to call at any time for anything!

Billing and invoicing- We will send out your paper work based on your payment terms. Whether you have direct invoicing or you use a factoring company we will work with your needs! All invoices will be sent to the "debtor" with your information. All payments are released to you.

Factoring- We have several factoring companies we can set you up with. For further information please contact us for more information.

Maintenance records- We can keep a file for you while you're on the road for all of your truck maintenance. The file can and will be sent to you at any time you need. With the records, we will keep track of your oil change due dates, and any inspections you may need!

Back office support- This includes a file for you and your drivers for medical card expirations, insurance expirations, and Drug testing you may need. This can include any IFTA paper work you may need, DOT responses, MC responses and anything further you need.